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Hey I'm Devon. This is my personal blog where I reblog anything I want. In 2015 I will be doing a music project on my blog. Everyday of 2015 I will be posting a different song on this blog. I like a lot of music, but for the most part you'll be seeing indie, punk, post punk, electronica, and folk on here. That entire day I'll be reblogging pictures of that musician and maybe even talking a bit about that artist depending on how much I like them. Feel free to join in on this sharing of music. Until then this blog will just be all miscellaneous things I may find funny, interesting, or cool. Follow me and I'll follow you back. I am not on all day I just have posts set up, but feel free to leave something in my ask box if you really enjoy a band or musician I am posting.
Artist of the Day: The Smiths

Fraud or Figurehead?

johnny marr aged 14.

Poor mike

badly scanned photo of the gays

his eyes. his smile.

LMFAO!! omgThis is the best quote everI love you Johnny Marr. 

Smash Hits, Aug 16 - 19, 1984

i’ll be using this gif a lot.

oldie but a goodie…

Shit this stupid picture is turning me on rn like really badly, I have no idea why tho, I mean it’s just two dorks like grabbin onto the balls of a naked roman statue

Tijdlijnfoto’s | via Facebook on We Heart Ithttp://weheartit.com/entry/123748390/via/nachtstilte